Kami Restaurant – Asia, Sushi & Cocktail Bar

Asian fusion cuisine in Munich.

In our restaurant we offer sophisticated fusion cuisine and carefully selected wines in an ambience that will delight you. We interpret classic, Asian dishes with almost limitless creativity in a modern and new way.

We combine elements of Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine to create unique visual and taste highlights of Asian cuisine. Small appetizers from the rich menu are decorative sushi, aromatic rice and noodle dishes, fresh fish and juicy beef.

From summer rolls and delicious salads to wok and sushi, no culinary wish is left unfulfilled. Vegan options and specialties from neighbouring Asian countries are also available.

The new meeting place with friends.

Going out has a certain event character: you experience something new and exciting. You get to know your friends better and meet outside the house. In the best case, after such an evening you have enjoyed a delicious meal, got new recipe ideas and met interesting people.

At Kami, it’s all about sharing and enjoying together. On our menu you will search in vain for classic sequences and structures.

Instead, you can discover the diverse Asian cuisine and enjoyment culture together.

The sharing principle has always been celebrated in Asia with family and friends and makes dining a sociable experience where everyone can enjoy the variety of food.

Culinary experience

Today’s young people are less likely to go to typical pubs. But that doesn’t mean that pubs are generally out of the question. It is only the trendy cocktail bars with extravagant and exotic drinks in a cool location that are then quite sought-after and well-visited meeting places.

In addition to the high-quality Asian creations, we serve classic and trendy Kami cocktails, which you can enjoy in a modern atmosphere.

At the bar the top bartender mixes for you cocktail classics and trendy Asian mix creations.

Let Kami Restaurant spoil you with culinary delights.

Kami - Let the party begin

Kami Restaurant not only offers delicious food and a wide selection of cocktails, but also helps organize theme parties.

Sound and lighting systems are perfectly prepared to enhance any party along with the fusion-style delicacies.

Our hosts can party late into the night without worrying about the time.

Kami also assists its clients with decorations, card design and photo creation. Contact us now to book a party at Kami and get assistance.

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